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IPA Takeover Amalgamate IFA – Pt2

IPA takeover amalgamate IFA 2014IPA Takeover Amalgamate IFA – Pt2

In this shorter post, simply entitled IPA Takeover Amalgamate IFA – Pt2, I just wanted to share a few further thoughts and concerns that I have. I am also devising a comprehensive set of questions that I would urge EVERY member to ask of the management team BEFORE voting commences in December.

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IPA Takeover Amalgamate IFA

Institute of Financial Accountants IFA IPA Takeover MergerIPA Takeover Amalgamate IFA

So a letter dropped through my door yesterday, 13th October 2014, from the Institute of Financial Accountants (my governing body) stating that a proposal had been put forward to accept an amalgamation of the IFA with the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) of Australia. Now I had already been privy to this information in my capacity as Chairman of the Hampshire and Dorset Branch of the IFA but what followed shocked me that I immediately resigned my position. Read on for my take on this IPA Takeover Amalgamate IFA proposal… Continue reading

Guide To Starting Your Own Business

Guide to starting your own businessGuide To Starting Your Own Business

I wholeheartedly encourage and praise those persons who have the desire to branch out on their own and start their own business – but it is not for the faint-hearted so here is my “Starting Your Own Business Guide”.

The rewards can be excellent but be under no illusion that you will NOT become a millionaire over night, you will no longer have time for holidays or illness and you will be working 16 hour days!

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7 Item Guide To Choosing Your Accountant

Choose the right accountant7 Item Guide To Choosing Your Accountant

Choosing your accountant should be done before you start trading – they will be able to advise you on the legal status you need for the business, help with business plans and cash flow forecasting and they will also be probably the best business adviser you can expect to have. They have a wealth of information from not only the statutory side of things, but also from many different business sectors.

So here, writing this for you as an Accountant myself, but also having been in your position, is my 7 Item Guide To Choosing Your Accountant. Continue reading

Sole Trader or Limited Company

sole trader or limited companySole Trader or Limited Company

So, you’ve decided to be your own boss, well done and welcome to the world of business. It is important to decide on the best legal and taxation structure for your enterprise. The best format for you will depend on your personal situation, your future plans (both from a business and personal viewpoint) and can have repercussions on the way you’re taxed and your exposure to creditors (lenders either financial or through supplies). So, Sole Trader or Limited Company? Continue reading