Data Protection Act – Does Your Accountant Comply?

data protection does your accountant comply?Data Act Protection – Does Your Accountant Comply?

This is a simple question you should ask your accountant or prospective accountant. The Data Protection Act is quite clear on who should be registered – anyone who holds personally identifiable information about any individual, howsoever held so Data Protection Act – Does Your Accountant Comply?

If an accountant performs self assessment tax returns for self employed persons, directors or members of the public, then they should be registered under the Data Protection Act. They should have in place a Data Controller (the person responsible for the data management), ensure that the data is secure, is accurate and is not passed to a 3rd party unless approval is given by the relevant individual.

I worked for a national franchise accounting firm and when I brought this up, the partners reaction was “yeh, whatever!” If this is the attitude demonstrated by a large, national franchise organisation, does your accountant comply?

Data Act Protection – Does Your Accountant Comply?

So when you are looking to change accountant, engage one at the start of your business or maybe you already have an accountant, ask them this simple question “Data Protection Act – do you comply?”

Your personal information is valuable and you as an individual can be personally identified by this information. You need to be assured that your data is secure, is also correct and that it is managed in compliance with the ICO’s guidelines. We all know how important data security is but this area is overlooked by just about every business owner so I challenge you – Data Protection Act – Does Your Accountant Comply? Please comment when you ask them and what their response is.

It was one of the first things I did when setting up my practice back in 2009 and for the small £35 fee, it is an assurance I can give my clients. If you would like that same assurance, just give me a call now on 01794 521300 or complete the Contact Us form.

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