How To Switch Accountants

how to switch accountantHow To Switch Accountants

Changing accountant is a simple process – in the 1st instance, I would recommend reading my blog 7 Item Guide To Choosing Your Accountant as there are many things to consider and you don’t want to be changing accountant every 3 months! Once you have read that, continue reading How To Switch Accountants…….

Location, Location, Location

So now that you have read that, the next thing is to contact a few firms and set up some meetings. Location is important but DO NOT disregard firms because they are a few miles away from your business – the benefit you can get from a firm a few miles away may outweigh the cost involved in meeting them. Also, many of the newer firms embrace technology so quite often there may be little or no need to visit their office anyway. I cannot speak for other firms, but I am more than happy to come and visit clients – I realise you are busy in your business and do not want to take you away from important work.

Cost and Benefits

Every firm that I have come across will NOT give you a quote over the phone – I have tried. Prior to setting up my practice, I was involved in the finances of other businesses and regularly needed to engage accountants for them. So why do they not provide a price over the phone? I do not know; what I do know, though, is that every firm I contacted wanted to have a meeting BEFORE they gave any price and I can only assume it was to lay on the “sales pitch”.

Price is very important – some people purchase on price alone but you should also weigh up the benefits. What are you getting for that money? The majority of firms will only offer the basic compliance work as standard and you may be happy with that but what if you want more financial information? The life of any business is wholly dependant upon the financial position – if you do not know how much money you have made or where you are spending your money, how can you manage a successful business? Have a read of my post 7 Reasons Why Businesses Fail . I am committed to being upfront in terms of cost and benefits and I am more than happy to provide a telephone quote.

Chartered, Certified or Other?

Quite often, you decide to start a business and a friend, colleague, family member say “Oh, you need to get a Chartered Accountant.” This is a falsehood and one that could cost you dearly!

I have already linked my post on choosing your accountant at the top of this post, but please have another look here. As long as the accountant you choose is a member of a professional organisation, has a practising license/certificate and has current Professional Indemnity Insurance, you will be fine with them – obviously check for testimonials as well. But remember one thing……

You DO NOT Need A Chartered Accountant

Once you have had your meetings, received your quotes and have decided on whom you wish to deal with your financial affairs, what now? Quite simply, nothing! To switch accountant is as easy as changing your energy supplier. Once your new accountant has been engaged and the paperwork signed, they will contact your previous accountant and arrange for all the paperwork to be passed over. They will also contact HM Revenue and Customs and file the authority forms and then the job is done; within a few weeks, everything will be transferred over – you don’t need to do anything; you don’t even need to tell your previous accountant you are leaving them!

How To Switch Accountants to Anderson Accountancy

Could not be simpler – give me a call now on 01794 521300, I will give you a price over the phone. We will set up a short meeting to finalise services and price, sign the paperwork and job done! If you would like me to call you, simply fill in the form on my Contact Us page.

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