IPA Takeover Amalgamate IFA – Pt3

IPA takeover amalgamate IFA 2014IPA Takeover Amalgamate IFA – Pt3

In this, very short post, I thought I would share with you the letter I received on 13th October 2014 from the IFA regarding the IPA takeover amalgamate IFA and have called this Pt3.

The reason for sharing this is so you, the reader, can make an informed decision for yourself as to whether you agree or disagree with my response and the dangling of carrots.


At the request of David Woodgate (via email today) I have removed his signature from the letter but I am sure you know it was from.

One thought on “IPA Takeover Amalgamate IFA – Pt3

  1. James Finlay

    David l have read with most interest your arguments around the whole debate on the merger with IPA Australia. I agree with all your points and fail to understand why other members can’t see that there are no real benefits unless you plan to move to Australia. I live in Canada and continue to keep my membership with the IFA but only to keep in touch with what is happening in the UK. l receive no benefit at all holding the IFA membership here in Canada and UK members with get no benefit using the IPA designation should they wish to use it. There will be no charter status for the IFA even if the IPA obtains charter status in Australia as the IFA will continue to be a limited company registered in the UK. Chartered UK members who live here in Canada also get no benefit of membership unless they obtain by further examination and belong to one if the Canadian bodies. It’s all about status and membership dues. If the accountancy field was serious about serving the public, there would be a single qualification with specialization in a specific area.

    James Finlay AFA FMAAT CFE CICA


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