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IPA Takeover Amalgamate IFA – Pt2

IPA takeover amalgamate IFA 2014IPA Takeover Amalgamate IFA – Pt2

In this shorter post, simply entitled IPA Takeover Amalgamate IFA – Pt2, I just wanted to share a few further thoughts and concerns that I have. I am also devising a comprehensive set of questions that I would urge EVERY member to ask of the management team BEFORE voting commences in December.

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IPA Takeover Amalgamate IFA

Institute of Financial Accountants IFA IPA Takeover MergerIPA Takeover Amalgamate IFA

So a letter dropped through my door yesterday, 13th October 2014, from the Institute of Financial Accountants (my governing body) stating that a proposal had been put forward to accept an amalgamation of the IFA with the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) of Australia. Now I had already been privy to this information in my capacity as Chairman of the Hampshire and Dorset Branch of the IFA but what followed shocked me that I immediately resigned my position. Read on for my take on this IPA Takeover Amalgamate IFA proposal… Continue reading